Sunday, January 16, 2011

Winter in Pisgah State Park

Sunday afternoon I took Griffin, Greg Hammett's running partner, for a hike in Pisgah State Park.  I parked at the Horseshoe Trailhead and went down Horseshoe Road. The Chesterfield and Horseshoe Roads are well packed by snowmobiles, but where there are snowmobile tracks- there are snowmobiles, so we took the Habitat Trail (where the 50Kers turn left during the race) and went up a previously untraveled trail to the beaver pond.  Griffin broke trail for me.  We explored a little and then came back and went a ways down South Woods Trail.  South Woods has a pretty good packed trail for snow shoes and skiing- we passed a couple skiers on our way out.

Griffin in the deep snow on Habitat Trail

First Bridge (going int he direction of the 50K course) on South Woods Trail

Griffin breaking trail on the Habitat Trail

Griffin checking out the beaver snow lodge

A lookout from South Woods Trail - always looks like there should be a moose out there no matter what season

Snowshoeing on South Woods Trail

More South Woods Trail; Griffin coming back for me in the center....