Monday, September 24, 2012

2012 in the books!

Congrats to everyone for a fun day at the Pisgah Mountain Trail races.  Couldn't have asked for better weather and of course, for better race directors!  This was Chris and Gary Montogmery's 10th year putting on a great event!


2012 23K WINNERS                                           2012 50K WINNERS
Greg Hammett 1:28:55*       *course record         David Herr  3:40:11*
Milly Wade-West 1:59:48                                    Kelsey Allen 4:49:22

RACE REPORTS! (If you have a report feel free to post it in the comments section.)
Jonny Hammett:
Jen Hammett (me):
Eric MacKnight
Greg Hammett :
Mike Tegart:  Pisgah Mtn 50K Race Report File

PHOTOS: if you have any you want posted email me. I will keep adding ones I receive below...

More from Fred Ross...

Gettin there...

Gary Hebert cruising by the reservoir 
Long time started John Tobey with Ultra Veteran Craig Wilson

Gary gives instruction...

Greg too quick for Fred to get a good picture on Davis Hill

"Montreal Pisgah Gang", Boreal Running Club

Jason Lane and Ben Kimball (9.5ish miles)

Eric MacNight and Greg Hammett heading down Horseshoe

Picture from Ben Kimball:
Glenny stripping down for the race

Pictures by Pard:
Me and some others heading down Horseshoe Road....

Jonny Hammett Finishing (fourth?)

Cheering on the 50kers...Boj is coming behind that tree on the left...I'm no professional.

Thanks to Fred Ross for more pics and a video of the start...

Dave Herr coming across the Pisgah summit - eventual 50K winner

Nipmuck Dave!

Greg Hammett capturing the 23K course record.

The 23K Winners: Greg Hammett and Milly Wade-West with Chris and Gary Montgomery.   Check out the puppy in the carriage in the background on the left...  


  1. Thanks for putting on a great event. I posted a report for my 1st 50k experience here under the file: Pisgah Mountain 50k race report.

    -Mike Tegart

  2. Brandon Baker -

  3. It's wonderful to get such a sense of the "inside" of the Pisgah Mtn. Trail Races! These pictures are a wonderful representation of the event from an "in the woods" perspective. Thanks to all who have sent them in and especially to Jen for getting them on the web!
    Chris Montgomery