Friday, September 20, 2013

2013 Races in the books

Hope everyone had a fun Pisgah race!  The weather was great, a little wet in spots, and those damn bees, but I think in general everyone had a fun experience.  We liked cheering on the 50K finishers from our house- hope it helped that last .8 mile! 

I've posted some race reports  (in the side box), but if you know of more or have your own please send me the link or post it in the comments! 


My pictures didn't come out so well, but Fred Ross just sent me some and I will post them this weekend. If you have some send them along.

Here's a link from Chris Landon.  He says "I ran Pisgah last weekend for the first time, "short" race. Shot a time lapse on my GoPro camera, which couldn't quite handle the motion & low light in the woods.  The result is sort of a "fog of racing" abstract-style time lapse. 
Here's the link:

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